It’s getting hot in here !

Just a little treat to see you through the weekend 😉

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Embracing Lace

Hey 🙂 You may remember that earlier this week I posted some photo’s of me wearing some little pink lace panties. WOW! The responses were amazing, I was sooo flattered 😉 This prompted me to go lingerie shopping today, and guess what ? I bought more lacy panty’s and they are HOT !!! I’m sooo excited to wear them for you. They are amazing because the lace is really sexy but they also have a cotton gussets which means they hold my juicy scent fabulously. The photo’s and your chance to buy them will be posted over the weekend xxx

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Naughty ;)

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My New Photo Gallery

Hi, my lovely’s !

For a while now I’ve been getting really sweet requests for more photo’s. Haha, to tell you the truth, I’am a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to technology. However, I wanted to put your needs first and decided to take a few snaps ! It was actually alot easier than I thought it would be and I had so much fun taking them for you. Im going to keep updating it as often as possible and I PROMISE lol, I will get round to photgraphing other styles of panties. Here’s just a little taster from the gallery. To view the whole gallery just go to “photo gallery” at the top of the page.

Jessica xxx

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Black Cottons

Haha 🙂 yesterday I thought I’d mix things up a bit and try a different style. And i’m running out of black thongs so I thought I’d wear these. I went out a really long cycle yesterday, so I thought these would be more comfortable.

I don’t normally wear ones like this so if you’re interested message me quickly.  £30

Also Ive only got a few of my black thongs left.  🙂

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NEW Collection x

Hi, guys

Thanks for all the messages about the first batch, hope your all happy with them 🙂

So I’ve now got a new batch there the same style as the first one’s. I tend to wear black thongs most of the time. I’ve been working out loadz recently so my unique scents well and truely on them !

If in future theres a specific new style u want me to wear message me xxx

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Black Thong


Hi guys, I would like to sell this black thong. I have worn it several times and also worked out a few times whilst wearing it, so it definatley has my scent on it .  Im selling this one for £30, email me if you are interested xxx

( )

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