My Fantasy

I’ve pinned you down on the bed, I cuff both of your hands to the post. Your not getting away. As I’m straddled over your torso, I slowly remove my bra to reveal my perked breast’s and I gently run my fingers over my hardened nipples. You are analysing me closely wondering what I’m going to do next. I tilt my head and quietly moan to myself, running my hands through my cascading blonde hair. I love the feeling of the ends of my hair touching my back. Its turning me on more and more. The excitements taking over, and my breathing gets faster and faster and more frequent. I move further and further up your body, kissing it all the way up, until I reach your face. I pull myself up further, smothering your face with my pussy. You are licking me, the tingling  sensation is beyond words. Its sending me to ecstasy! All the while I’m whimpering and moaning at the sheer pleasure. Your tongue is swooshing round my ever wetting lips and my juices are dribbling all over your face. Your teeth are nibbling and pulling at my clit.  I’m screaming ! Yelling your name. I’ve never experienced pleasure like it. To be continued …

By buyusedpants

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