…Fantasy Part 2

I’m wet, soaked in fact, that’s what you do to me. I just can’t contain myself. And so, I want you deep in me. I look down to see your huge harden cock, its dominating the room. It’s just waiting for me and there’s no way I can resist. Moving my way back down your body, I can feel your heart pounding and your sweating all over. My clit is pulsing with excitment! I take your cock with my left hand and put it deep inside of me. I begin riding you slowly but there’s no stopping you, you’re a wild stallion. We’re going faster and faster and faster. Screaming, groaning, moaning. This is unreal. Uhhh, Uhhh Uhhh!! I grab my whip, you need to be tamed !… To be continued

By buyusedpants

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