Hi    🙂

If there are any of my pants that you are interested in email me at In the email please state cleary which pants it is that your interested in and you can ask me questions about there condition. I wear all my pants for at least 24hrs and I work out alot, so they have a strong scent.

Please be aware that due to wearing only 1 pair of pants per day my collection is very exclusive and limited. Basically whoever contacts me first will get the pants. However if you have any specific requests I’am sure we can disscuss and work something out 🙂


Pantylandsexy women

  •   My chosen method is BACS. I give you my sort code and account number, and you can make payment online, by telephone or over the counter.        (UK Only)
  • You can also pay by amazon gift card, send it to
  • Payment has to be made within 24hrs of  recieving my bank details. If I dont recieve payment then the pants will be offered to the second come buyer.
  • Paypal and cheques are not accepted for obvious reasons.


  • postage is free to UK buyers.
  • If you are in an another country , depending on postage costs we can negoiate a price.
  • It goe’s without saying that in order for me to send you the pants I will need to know your name and address. Dont fret pet, I have absolutely no interest in publishing or telling another living sole your details xx


  •  The pants will be post in a brown jiffy bag which inside will the pants wrapped in paper. It will look really discreet

Love Jessica xxx


pantyempiresexy women

3 comments on “Payment&Postage

  1. Hi Jessica
    I must apologize in the beginning as I am not a seller. Quit the opposite, I am thinking of becoming panties seller myself. I do not know anybody who would be doing it and your website looks so lovely. I would like to ask you how do you it with the payments? What is BACS? Bank transfer? Is there no risk that buyer will find out your real name and address? How does it work with the Amazon card? And why Paypal is no good? I had Paypal myself once, long time ago and I know it works well for example on eBay..
    I would be helpful for any kind of advise.
    Thank you in advance

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